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Top Stories by Darron J. Schall

By now it should be no surprise to hear ColdFusion and Java mentioned in the same sentence. You've probably seen the examples, read the tutorials, and poured over lines of Java code in hope of enhancing your ColdFusion applications. Either that, or you've filed the information in a "nice to know" vault and continued on with your ordinary development habits. No matter which category you fall into, this article is for you. One of the greatest benefits of ColdFusion and Java integration is being able to rely on Java's immense open source community to enhance your ColdFusion applications. So, chances are, whatever you're looking for has already been built in Java - just waiting to be leveraged in your ColdFusion code. No idea how to integrate the two? Not a problem - this article is here to help. With a little bit of coding, I'll show you how to leverage an open source J... (more)

Flash, Web Services, and Data Binding

In Part One (MXDJ, vol. 3 issue 2) we looked at one of three different ways to consume a Web service, here we look at two other ways and some of the pros and cons of each approach. In this next example we'll explore using data binding in a different way from Pt. 1, by not relying on the Bindings tab of the Component Inspector panel. Instead, we'll create the bindings through ActionScript. Example 2 - Creating Bindings Through ActionScript To work through this example, we'll build the interface the exact same way as the previous example, leaving out the "add binding" steps. Either r... (more)

Flash, Web Services, and Data Binding

This is not Web Services 101. This is not an introduction to Flash. This is not art. This is not a love song. Now that that's out the way, be prepared to bind data like there's no tomorrow. In this article I'm going to show you three different ways to consume a Web service and some of the pros and cons of each approach. When you're done reading you should have an understanding of what data binding is, how to use it in your applications, and how to achieve similar results without using it. Unfortunately for some, Flash Professional is required to follow along with the examples. If... (more)

Multiple Inheritance in ActionScript 3.0

Did you know ActionScript 3.0 supports multiple inheritance? Here's how... Multiple inheritance is actually possible with AS3, despite popular belief that it's not supported. It's not really multiple inheritance in the true sense of the word going by the strict definition... but there's a way to get the job done in AS3 that behaves almost like the real thing. What I'm about to show you is not something I would advocate as best practice. Nor is it something that should be (ab)used simply because it's available. I'm not going to get into the debate about Composition versus Inherita... (more)

The Future of ActionScript

This month Darron's Diary looks at an Iterator implementation, at ECMAScript 4, and previews his own latest book A Simple ActionScript 3 Iterator Implementation I was looking for an Iterator implementation in ActionScript 3 to avoid reinventing the wheel for the umpteenth time but couldn't find one on Google, so I whipped one up quick that you can download here: (www.darronschall.com/downloads/as3_iterator.zip. This should save someone a full 3 minutes of work in the future.... Usage is pretty simple and straightforward. The download includes the Iterator interface as well as a si... (more)